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Comic Review Weapon Lost #1

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

In Marvel's Weapon Lost, Daredevil is tasked with tracking down the body of Wolverine, but even the man without fear can't do it alone. Daredevil recruits the help of ex-cop now Inhuman, Frank McGee, the excellent Misty Knight, and a mutant named Cypher.

Now I admit that I have a soft spot for street hero comic book stories (one of my all-time favorite being Shadowland), but this book is actually surprisingly exciting considering this is a spin-off of a separate Marvel event. Wolverine is such a deep character who's traveled all around the world and made countless enemies and allies. The writers have a lot to work with and can truly surprise us. This issue is mostly set up and consists of Daredevil recruiting his team, but thanks to the excellently written characters, the first issue stays engaging.

The characters were all written very well. Daredevil and, to some degree, Misty Knight are popular characters that we know and love, but I really loved the introduction to Frank McGee. At first, he seems like a milk toasty type character, but his story started to shine the more I read on.

Cypher, the team's hacker person, is written well enough. He is really only introduced towards the end of the comic, so we don't spend too much time with him, but his introduction was pretty cool, and there is potential for him to be some sort of comic relief.

As interesting as the intro story was, the real star of this book was the artwork of Matteo Buffagni and Color artist Jim Charalampidis. It's dark, gritty, dirty, beautiful, and exactly how you would imagine this world would be, and it also works well with the contrast of Daredevil's bright red suit.

Marvel's Weapon Lost is the start of something exciting, and it's always great to see Misty and Daredevil together. The support characters are well written, and the art is top-notch. This is definitely a story I'm sticking with.

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