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The Punisher #1 Review

The Punisher is back with an all new ongoing series. Issue one, released August 22nd, takes Frank back to the streets doing what he does best but now he is taking on some bigger game.

What really felt amazing about this comic is that writer Matt Rosenberg really nails the whole tone of The Punisher. Throughout the issue he is very much a ghost, or a demon rather, that terrorizes criminals destroying them in bloody and gory fashion. There are some really incredible "WTF" moments that are right at home in any Punisher story but that being said the issue was not perfect.

What is spectacular about The Punisher is that he is such a sympathetic character and we don't really see that here. For veterans of the character its not such a problem because we know who he is, but this being a first issue, which I assume many new comers would jump into, we dont really get that feeling. There is still plenty of time to flesh Frank out but a little heart would have turned this into a really amazing issue. I also felt that right when the comic really started picking up momentum it just ended but does set up what could be an excellent arc.

Artist Szymon Kudranski also nails the dirty and gritty tone of Frank's world. Punisher comics always benefited from more realistic renditions than cartoony ones and this one is no different. People blowing up and there skin burning off there flesh has a really scary and ultra realistic look that captures the horror of The Punisher's handiwork and differentiates it from the traditional comic book style.

The Punisher #1 had some issues and i definitely think it could have been paced a tad better but anybody thinking about diving into The Punisher's world you can do much worse. The crazy over the top action is worth the price of admission alone.

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