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The Good Cop Review

The Good Cop, a new series on Netflix, is not a show I would typically watch, let alone review, yet here I am. This procedural cop comedy/drama is as formulaic as they come and is really not much different than what you see on network television, Netflix really didn’t take much risk when it came to this one but I still found myself consciously watching every episode and actually really enjoying it.

Tony Caruso Jr. is a pathologically honest NYPD Detective who refuses to break even the smallest and insignificant of rules, but when his father, disgraced NYPD officer Tony Caruso Sr, is let out of prison on parole and must stay with him, his perfect little world starts to get a little more complicated. Tony Danza and Josh Groban play the father/son duo and for a singer and a actor from yesteryear, they do an excellent job together. There relationship is the back bone of the show and you can tell that most of the effort went into these two characters. They conflict on almost everything but the love they share for each other is endearing and ultimately keeps them at each others sides.

I never grew up watching anything from Tony Danza but watching him here I can totally understand his appeal. As Tony Sr. he is charming and suave but not in a cheap used car salesmen way, but in a “hey, I want to be his friend’’ kind of way. Every scene was elevated by his presence making a sub par cop show into something a little more special and unique. Josh Groban is also a very welcome addition, he brings a real earnest and innocent contrast to Danza’s bravado. Alone the show would never stand a chance but their believable and fun chemistry makes the show very relatable and conveys a real sense of family.

Of course Tony Sr. loves cigars

Unfortunately, not much can be said of the supporting cast. Most of them are the typical cop archetypes like the almost retired detective who is lazy and “wont run” or the goofy tech guy who is the punchline in every scene he is in. Detective Cora Vasquez, played by Monica Barbaro, stands out as being a strong female lead. She is the only other character that gets almost as much depth as the dynamic duo and has some nice shining moments, but is ultimately not as well developed as she could have been. Just as her story would get more interesting the focus would shift back to the Father and son duo.

What I found most surprising though is that the show is actually pretty funny and heartfelt. I know it sounds silly to say that since I’m sure that is what they were going for but usually these type of shows fall flat in that regard. There were multiple times I found myself laughing out loud at the sheer silliness and innocence of everything. Like I said earlier, this show takes little to no risks, there is no gruesome deaths, shootouts, deep character moments, or serious hidden secrets that can shake the very fabric of these characters’ lives. Tony Caruso Jr. is not this gifted, Sherlock Holmes type detective and Tony Sr. isn’t some former crime boss but the show oozes this irresistible charm that makes it ok that every episode is just another silly caper with no real consequences. Its not very dramatic either but when it needs to hit you in the feels The Good Cop does an admiral job without depressing you or lingering too much on the subject.

Josh Groban and Monica Barbaro in The Good Cop

The Good Cop is not ground breaking, its not terribly original, the supporting cast is mostly forgettable, and often comes across a little corny but it's also undeniably charming. Tony Danza and Josh Groban do an excellent job keeping you engaged due to how believable and loving their relationship is and I always loved seeing them with one another as well as interact with everybody else. I was pleasantly surprised with this one and I’m excited to see where it will go next.

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