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New Avengers 2010 Run Review

What is really special about the 2010, 34 issue run of New Avengers is its focus on some less popular heroes, specifically the street level heroes. 2010 was two years into Marvels cinematic takeover and all the focus was on the core 4 heroes, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Hulk. So having an all new all fresh team led by the not so popular at the time Luke Cage could be considered risky but Marvel and writer Brian Michael Bendis absolutely knock it out of the park with am action packed, exilerating and heartfelt series that constantly excites.

Taking place after the Siege of Asgard and the fall of Norman Osborn's, The New Avengers stars Luke Cage as the leader of an all new rag tag team of heroes. The team consists of Jessica Jones, Danny Rand, Spiderman, The Thing, Mockingbird, Wolverine, Doctor Strange and eventually Daredevil . The series is very light in tone but poignient just the same, embracing the strangness of the team with awesome writing and banter between these characters quickly establishing this team to be very familial almost if there distant relatives partaking in a family reunion.

Luke Cage is an excellent leader because he makes the team way more relatable. He is not captain america or iron man and has no real leadership history but he cares for his team and ultimately, it's what drives him to do what's best for the team, even when it takes a toll on his family. Unlike most Avengers Luke Cage is not only a husband but a father which gives us a great alternative perspective on being a leader of a group of heroes who has a little more to lose than most.

The New avengers is also consistently exciting with some of the most memorable action set peices i have ever read. Within the first six issues the team must face off against a terrifying mystical threat resulting in an amazing final encounter any wolverine fan is sure to love.  But it does not stop there, every arc ups the anti, further pushing the team to greater heights and higher stakes.

The team is also utilized exceptionally well. Seeing Spiderman use Danny Rand as an Iron Fist rocket is kick ass or seeing Daredevil and Mockingbird fighting side by side really gets your blood pumping. Every character is has there place and use. Very rarely i felt that a character gets shoved to the back round.

The series really halted to crawl though when it tied into the Xmen Vs Avengers event. If  reading it in one shot the problems are not so evident because you can quickly get to the next issue but when waiting a whole month for the next installment,  I can see boredom setting in quick. How the series coincides with the event is really cool but i felt as though its pacing was really rough with about two or three whole issues where the New Avengers aren't even present. But eventually the series picks back up for an awesome final battle that gives way to the last stretch of the team.

Also the final arc although excellently written and super fun really falls short due to the art. I understand that the artist usually changes ever arc or two but in the last 4 issue for some odd reason it consistantly jumps from one art style to another making following the panels really jarring and confusing. There was literally a point in the last issue where there was maybe 5 different pages with 5 different artist.

With the popularity of the Marvel netflix tv shows there has never been a better time to pick up this series and giving it a read. Its consistently exciting, the action is exhilarating, its written excellently and has the best Avengers team in recent memory.

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