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Games You Might Have Missed: Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger

Techland, the developers behind the Dying Light and Call of Juarez games uploaded a video on there facebook page teasing what could very well be the return of Call of Juarez Gunslinger a ps3 and xbox 360 arcade fps.

The 30 second video has the protagonist from Gunslinger, Silas Grieves, addressing Arthur Mogen from Red Dead redemption 2 stating Legends Never Die.

The video was short, with only a couple of landscape shot and a brief glimpse of Silas from behind, but there is no denying that Gunslinger will return in some fashion. This could be a re release or a full fledged sequel and honestly either one is good for me and makes for an excellent addition to Games you might have missed.

Call of Juarez Gunslinger was one of the best shooters I have ever played. Instead of focusing on realism like the previous entries in the series, Gunslinger it took on a total arcade feel but didn't loose the depth of a traditional shooter. The shooting was tight and felt amazing. There was a nice variety in weaponry and each gun felt unique and powerful, with enemies heads exploding into a bloody mess with a well aimed headshot. Gunslingers dualling system was also really fun, they weren't too challenging but you always felt like a bad ass when defeating an enemy at a dual.

Being an arcade style game the action was constantly frantic and fast with a heavy focus on score multiplying. Every kill would add to your score, chaining kills quicky to one another would multuply them, and headshots would grant bonuses. The final score would tallyed up at the end of each mission and The better you do the more xp you gain and the better abilities and weapons you unlock.

What was also surprising about this little game was its story. The narrative is presented as a series of flashbacks as the games protagonist, Silas, bends the ears of the patrons at a local saloon about his past adventures. The story is rather simple but very well done with great voice acting and a beautiful comic book astetic. The game also had an excellent sense of humor especially when Silas would get confused or be caught lying while narrating causing real time changes to the gameplay and level structure. It was a fun addition and added an extra element to the story telling.

Other than the campaign, Call of Juarez has a score attack mode that is frantic and addicting which will have any highscore fiend happy, and a sort of "boss rush" that lets you run through the various duals in the game. There is no multiplayer but I never felt like was missing anything without it.

Call of Juarez Gunslinger is a pretty short game, but feels really tight and doesn't over stay its welcome. Its not packed with any filler and is a gunslinging good time the whole way through. The story is fun and compelling, the gameplay is fun as hell, and the reward system does a great job motivating you to do better and better. With a re-release or sequel all but confirmed there is no better time to get on board.

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