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G.L.O.W Season 2 Review

Glow season 2 is excellent in almost every way possible. Its fun, funny, emotional, and most of all its real awesome wrestling. GLOW gives us a really authentic behind the scene look at how an independent, low budget, local cable T.V wrestling program comes to fruition. Its not always pretty but it’s a hell of a fun time.

All the wonderful women (and men) from season one return for this season and every single one of them are just as excellent as before. There character develop so nicely and sets up some really awesome moments giving growth to each of them and ultimately turning them in to even more likable and realistic characters. The relationship between Ruth Wilder (Allison Brie) and Debbie Eegan is the crux of the show and it develops in a well paced and engaging way. There is a lot of give and take between the two characters making it so that Ruth is not always depicted as the “bad guy” and really gets to speak her mind and stand up for herself.

Marc Maron as Sam is absolutely excellent and steals the show whenever he is on screen and his sarcastic and crabby nature is absolutely hysterical. This season we really get to see a more caring side to him as he learns how to be a father and grows closer to the girls of GLOW. He is still an asshole but he’s an asshole with a heart.

New to this season is Yolanda (the new Junk Chain). Sam recruits Yolanda after Cherry gets a leading role in a new TV show. Yolanda is an excellent addition to the cast and holds her own as the new fish of the group and she quickly finds her place in this insane family and even when Cherry returns the show does a great job finding a great place for both of them. Another addition is Russell the camera guy. He plays the love interest to Ruth. He is charming, funny and has a mustache almost as awesome as Sam’s.

What this show does an excellent job with is really showing us how these over the top personas come about. Its excellent to see each girl develop these wrestling characters and create these elaborate stories and motivations for them. The stakes are much higher this season and it really bring out the best in each wrestler because they are constantly looking for ways to stay relevant and surprise the audience. Matches are no longer just one wrestler fighting the other, now there is kidnappings, mid match character transformations, and other crazy things of that nature.

Glow season 2 is 10 episodes but it felt more like 2. Its so fun and moves in such a brisk pace that I was never felt bored and I don’t think I looked at my phone more than a handful of times. Wrestling fans are sure to love GLOW for the dramatic and over the top rivalries but everyone will find something to keep them engaged. With such a diverse and energetic cast of characters its impossible not to find a little bit of ourselves in these Gorgeous Woman of Wrestling.

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