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Aquaman Review

Updated: Jan 19

Who would've thought that the best movie in the DC cinematic universe would star a giant man who can talk to fish? Even after Justice League's awesome introduction to Aquaman, I was still skeptical of whether or not a stand-alone movie would be any good. I really had very little interest in watching Aquaman but oddly enough my wife was really excited to see it, so we did and, boy how happy I was I listened to her Aquaman was one of the best superhero movies I have seen.

Aquaman's story won't win any awards but what it lacks in originality it makes up for in its breakneck pacing. This movie never felt boring or dull and there was almost always something interesting going on.

After King Orm of Atlantis, Arthur’s half brother declares war on the surface world Mera, a princess of Atlantis must find and convince Arthur to take his place as rightful Heir to the Atlantian throne and ultimately stop Orm from destroying the surface world along with Atlantis. It pretty basic stuff but the story never gets too bloated or convoluted so its always easy to keep track without demanding too much of your attention.

Jason Mamoa is as excellent as ever as Arthur Curry/Aquaman and brings a much-needed badassness to the character but also real weight and sympathy. He's charismatic, relatable and serves as an excellent conduit for us to be introduced to this amazing world. Mara, played by Amber Heard was also done really well. She not only served as back up for Arthur but also a badass in her own right. Mara is no damsel in distress and often would kick even more ass than Aquaman and she too had a purpose to the story adding another great dimension and perspective to it.

Patrick Wilson as King Orm, Arthur's half brother is a serviceable villain but comes across a little too dramatic and cartoony at times. His agenda is understandable and he gets enough screen time to develop but I can't help but feel not too threatened by him. Black Manta, on the other hand, was amazing. Unfortunately, he's not the main villain of the movie but his motivation for wanting to kill Arthur was understandable and there is definitely potential to go further with the character in future instalments.

The action in Aquaman is next level. For an action fiend like myself, I couldn't be happier. Each action set piece was epic, memorable and kept escalating. They just get bigger and bigger ending on a massive finally that really impressed me. There was some really awesome fight sequences and really great focus on the fight choreography. It wasn't just two strong people pushing each other all over the place but real fisticuffs between two powerful individuals wreaking havoc in some of the most beautiful landscapes in any superhero movie.

The set pieces were absolutely breathtaking. Atlantis is such a cool looking place with amazing colors, vistas, and architecture that all had a really great sense of scale. Even the places on land where beautiful. There was great variety in locations giving the movie a great globetrotting feel to it similar to movies like Indiana Jones or the Uncharted Games.

Aquaman is non stop fun and understands what it is. It's a comic book movie that doesn't forget what it is. What makes these movies so special is there fantastic worlds, characters and the fun we get from taking part in their life. Fun should always be in the forefront and Aquaman delivers not only in that aspect but also in telling an enjoyable story filled with great characters brought to life through a very talented cast. If you are a fan of comic books or not Aquaman is a must-see and for the first time I'm truly excited for what comes next

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