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Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh Review

As a kid who grew up in the 90's there was very few things more awesome than Adam Sandler. From his time on SNL to the amazing movies like happy gilmore and Billy Madison, and his hysterically raunchy comedy albums, Adam Sandler was top shelf quality. His brand of childish and silly humor was hysterical but also very heartfelt and loving.

Nowadays, to many, Adam Sandler doesn't really hold too high of a regard and his movies never quit hit high a note as his comedies of yesteryear (Netflix's Ridiculous 6 being one of the worst offenders). Somewhere along the line his movies decide to really embrace gross humor that almost always involves jokes about intercourse with elderly women. The charm and heart of previous movies like big daddy were absent.

Now, Adam Sandler's latest project, 100% Fresh, a Netflix original comedy special releases and before watching it I really had no idea what to expect. I have never seen any of his stand ups, except for bits and pieces within his other movies, so 100% Fresh would be my first ever experience with that. But thankfully ten minutes in to the special I was already laughing  like a madman.

100% Fresh is a combination of traditional stand up comedy mixed with live music. Its an excellent amalgamation of Sandler's work in stand up (I assume), movies, and music albums. What is amazing about the special was that unlike many of his recent movies it never really crosses the line into uncomfortable gross humor, it's still rated R but it's much more tame, striking an excellent balance between raunchy and innocence.

The special is just consistently funny due to Sandler's excellent delivery but also because of the awesome pacing. Sandler almost never lingers on a joke for too long and is always joking about something relatable in one way or another. Another cool touch was that because this was performed in multiple venues, the footage cuts through each performance in a way that makes the special move in a brisk pace almost like a music video. Peppered in the special, Sandler will whip out his guitar and play real music. There is one song towards the end that is truly special and quit beautiful and any person who lived through the 90's will surely be tearing up a little.

With the sea of comedy specials on Netflix it's easy for a few to slip through the cracks but i urge any fan of Adam Sandler, past or present, to watch this special. It is a great reminder why Adam sandler is who he is. Sure many of his most recent movies were questionable to say the least but do not let that fool you so easily. he's still funny, he's still crazy, and most of all he's absolutely 100% Fresh.

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